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Nationally recognized, Somali nonprofit organization.

Ka Joog is a nationally recognized, Somali nonprofit organization tailored towards enriching the lives of Somali American youth by utilizing the positive elements of education, mentoring, employment, and the arts. Ka Joog’s mission is to motivate youth to pursue higher education, while promoting and building community ties at events throughout Minnesota.


Project Care: The Opioid Abuse Is A Minnesota Epidemic

“ We believe there is a great deal of importance in unshackling and nurturing the awareness of an individual’s self worth and the human potential of people chained by addiction.”

"A 17-year-old male student was referred to the Rising Impact be@school program after struggling for 3 years in high school while being involved in negative activities and dealing with family issues. After working with the caseworker for two months, he decided it was time to make changes. He finished summer school, graduated from high school, and plans on attending college in the future."
"I am from Somalia and have lived in the United States for 4 years. I had never worked and had no opportunities because I thought no company would hire me without work experience. Through the East African Youth at Work program, I was placed at Mall of America for 160 hours and worked with different departments each day. Now I can't wait to finish high school and then go to college to study IT."
East African Youth at Work
"I came to the United States as a refugee from Ethiopia about 2 years ago. When I first came I didn't know how to speak English well and didn't know how to get or apply for a job. Through East African Youth at Work, I finally got the chance 1 o work as a teacher aid at a childcare center in Minneapolis."
East African Youth at Work
"A 16-year-old female student was referred to the be@school program after continuously arriving late to school and hanging out with peers at school. At home, there was also a lack of motivation. After working with the Rising Impact be@school caseworker the student improved attendance with a 93% rate of attendance and plans to take AP courses in the fall. She also participated in STEM programs at the University of Minnesota during the summer. She hopes to one day become a pediatrician."
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