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Project Care

Project Care is built upon a foundation of hope and believes that the determination to seek opportunity amidst crisis is the first step toward ending an epidemic. We believe there is a great deal of importance in unshackling and nurturing the awareness of an individual’s self-worth and the human potential of people chained by addiction. Restorative Empowerment is an approach that focuses on re-igniting within someone the belief that they are worth more and revitalize their sense of purpose to overcome addiction by unlocking their dormant potential through uniquely crafted and individually focused strategies that focus on healing rather than treating. The East African community has been and continue to be uniquely impacted by the opioid crises. The community is also dealing with high stigma on opioid use, addiction and mental health.

The Reality of the Opioid Crisis

We believe that the opioid crisis is a very real one, and a grim battle that has negatively affected the lives of many people here in the state of Minnesota and the nation as a whole. It is imperative that all efforts must be taken and no resource spared to not only prevent the abuses of opiates but fully invest ourselves as a people to understand the psychology and drug addiction and take an active and robust approaches to one, prevent drug abuse , through education and community outreach, two: actively take measures to promote recovery and rehabilitation for the massive population of those affected by addiction, as well as prioritizing the investigation of the underworld of drug trafficking that is making access to these illicit street drugs so readily available.

We're Fighting
Drug Abuse with Education

We believe education and preventive measures are the most vital tools we have as a people in combating the radical effects of drugs. People are more prone to using opiates early on (early teens to late twenties) preventative measures are an incalculable beneficial effort to ensuring that the correct messaging about the negative effects of drugs reaches our youth before they succumb to the use of illicit drugs.

Our Core program approach and strategy include

  • Opioid Addiction Awareness
  • Increase number of East African leaders, community members, and community-based organizations who are trained to administer and distribute Naloxone kits and Narcan kits.
  • Increase access to Naloxone and Narcan for East Africans who have contact with opioid users.
  • Empowering Local Partners and organizations to build a collaborative approach to tackle the opioid crisis through community held town halls and events and other avenues of community engagement.
  • Campaigns targeting Mosques, schools, and other public and private sectors of where we see a need and benefit for preventative measures.
  • Provide wraparound services that includes but not limited to; housing, referring appropriate treatment services to individuals, mental health services, family engagement, and others for community members who are dealing with opioids.
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