The Art Program



Invisible Art

Invisible Art is a vibrant program at Ka Joog. As we know; “Art changes everything.” It is used as a means to create political and social change around the world. Invisible Art creates an intimate space for the community here in the twin cities to motivate, empower; elevate each other through the art of all elements (Poetry, Music, Theater, Storytelling, Painting, Sculptures and much more). This is also a youth arts learning and cultural presentation program.

The program has three components

  • An arts club that meets biweekly and provides arts education and peer mentoring for  youth;
  • Three  8-week  immersive  workshops for youth with a recognized  artist.  The workshops are designed to introduce youth to traditional Somali arts and encourage them to extend the tradition through their own artistic practice.
  • Public arts presentation and intercultural community engagement events designed to provide opportunities for local audiences to enjoy traditional and contemporary Somali arts, and provide opportunities for intercultural dialogue.
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