Work Force Development Program

East African Youth At Works


East African Youth At Works

The purpose of the East African Youth At Work program is to provide workforce development opportunities for East African  youth  to  acquire  marketable  skills, certifications,  and  other credentials  that  meet  employer  requirements  for  high-demand  professions  in  Minnesota. We use various assessment tools paired with individual case management sessions to help youth identify their job interests and begin to formulate a long-term vision for their careers. Ka Joog helps participants identify appropriate internship placements that match their career goals and skill set. Our Career Specialist will meet with each participant to review existing internship placements or explore new partnerships with businesses and organizations in our community to meet the unique career interests of each participant.

Network of Mentors and Opportunities!

Through this program, youth are connected with other young people while being plugged into a network of supporting organizations and schools, mentors in the workforce, as well as community organizations and resources. The program includes group activities that explores common workplace challenges such as conflict, organizational skills, time management, communication, and working with a multi-cultural team. The program also offers financial literacy courses that will expose youth to money management concepts and have opportunities to practice the skills they learn.

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