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The Takeoff 4H STEAM Club


The Takeoff

The Takeoff 4-H STEAM Club is a high quality and culturally appropriate educational after school and summer programming that supports youth education and leadership development through a model of social inclusion. This unique model also involves the parents, helping to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations while expanding networks and increasing knowledge of opportunities. Youth develop a plan to further their education.

Somali Youth Succeed in College with Ka Joog's Help

Past participating seniors have graduated on time and enrolled in post-secondary education. Within this program, Ka Joog has partnered with the University of Minnesota's Urban 4-H Youth Development to integrate and implement Design It, an engineering curriculum designed for after school programs.

The Takeoff program has two tracks which includes the following

  • The first track, The Takeoff, provides tutoring and peer mentoring in a safe, supportive environment that focus on skill building, cooperative learning, and leadership development around STEAM education.
  • The second track, The Takeoff 4-H STEAM Club, is done in collaboration with the University of Minnesota's Urban 4-H Youth Development department. This track utilizes the Design It Curriculum. Additionally, Ka Joog pairs this curriculum with an arts program in which local artist come to the program and lead activities with the youth. Participating students attend year-round programming including week-long immersive summer camps that are held at the University of Minnesota. This summer camp experience expands on STEAM learning and helps the participants connect that learning to potential higher education and career opportunities.
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